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Our mission is to provide the highest standard of quality and compassion in veterinary care for our patients. In addition we strive to be welcoming, informative, and supportive for our clients.

Digital Radiology at Your Trusted Homer Glen Animal Hospital

At Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, our experienced team offers the latest technology and screening solutions to ensure your pet remains as healthy as possible. At our Homer Glen animal hospital, your pet can access our digital radiology lab. This lab can provide us with outstanding details about your pet’s health so we can make fast decisions about how to properly care for him or her.

What Is Digital Radiology?

Digital radiology is a type of x-ray. Instead of the use of traditional photographic film, we use a digital image. There are several benefits to using digital images over traditional film. The most important is that it provides us with a much faster ability to see what is happening with your pet. The images are available virtually immediately and our veterinarian can use them right away to provide more insight into the proper pet care and treatment for any condition.


In addition, this technology is safer. There is much less exposure to radiation than with traditional x-rays. This is important to your pet’s health as well. It also helps us to get the x-rays faster, which can help to make any pet a bit happier to have the procedure over. For all of these reasons, we often use digital x-rays for your pet’s needs.

When You Should See Our Veterinarian in Homer Glen

When you bring your pet in to see our veterinarian in Homer Glen, we’ll provide a physical examination and then offer the diagnostic tools we believe are best suited to uncover any conditions or concerns that may be occurring. Digital radiology may be one of those recommendations. We may recommend these x-rays for a variety of reasons including:

  • Detection of a foreign object in the pet
  • Determining if your pet suffered fractures of a bone
  • Joint dislocation detection
  • Dental x-rays to determine the health of the teeth
  • Screening internal organs for abnormalities including cancer

The process is much like traditional x-rays. Your pet will lay still and a picture is taken of the area we are investigating. It takes only seconds to complete and is completely non-invasive. When taking dental digital x-rays, the process is a bit more extensive since we will need to rotate the pet’s head to get all of the teeth exposed. This is completed within our office.

Treatment at Our Animal Hospital in Homer Glen 

When you bring your pet in for an exam and we conduct digital x-rays, we’ll be able to provide information about your pet’s condition right away. There may be some delays in an official diagnosis if additional testing, such as ultrasounds or blood work, are necessary. However, when you visit our animal hospital in Homer Glen, you can expect the results of these x-rays right away.

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