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Our mission is to provide the highest standard of quality and compassion in veterinary care for our patients. In addition we strive to be welcoming, informative, and supportive for our clients.

Pet Surgery Information from our Homer Glen Veterinarian

When your pet has a health concern or gets into an accident, you may discuss pet surgery with our veterinarian. By working with our caring veterinary team at Colonial Manor Animal Hospital, you will feel confident about the safety of your pet during the procedure.

Cat getting peeped for surgery.

Common Reasons for Pet Surgery

The reasons you may need to consider surgery for your pet depends on your situation. A variety of factors contribute to surgical treatments. Routine pet surgeries include:

  • Accidents and injuries
  • Spaying or neutering a pet
  • Dental Surgery
  • Removing harmful lumps or bumps from a pet's body
  • Removing items from a pet's body, such as when a pet swallows an item that causes health concerns

While you may be hesitant to put your pet through surgery, surgical procedures are the best option for a variety of situations.

Anesthesia During Surgery

Based on the type of surgery your pet requires, we may administer local or general anesthesia. Before the procedure, we ensure that the anesthesia is safe for your pet and we focus on a dosage that fits the size and breed of the animal. For procedures like wound closures or small tumor removals, your pet may require only a local anesthetic. For major pet surgeries, general anesthetic is used and your pet’s vitals are carefully monitored throughout the procedure

A key advantage of anesthesia is the calm that it provides your pet. It prevents your pet from moving during the procedure and allows a pet to sleep throughout the entire surgery. We monitor your pet for any unusual concerns or problems due to the administered medication.

Post-Operation Care At Home

Expect a change in your pet's behavior for a few days after the surgery. Do not allow young children to stay around your pet without parental supervision, since your pet may not recognize your child. Pets usually recover from the medication and changes after a few days, but surgery recovery varies.

Encourage your pet to rest while he or she heals. Do not allow your pet to engage in vigorous exercise until he or she heals. We may suggest some medications to help with pain relief or to prevent infections. Give your pet the medications as instructed by our veterinarian. 

Contact Colonial Manor Animal Hospital in Homer Glen for Pet Surgery

Surgical procedures play an essential role in the health of your pets. To learn more about surgeries offered by our veterinarian in Homer Glen, or for more information on caring for your pet after surgery, call 708-301-8200 today.

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